The Michael Garman Museum & Gallery

The Michael Garman Museum and Gallery showcases over 500 handmade sculptures by America’s Storyteller Sculptor.  All of Michael Garman’s sculptures are reproduced by hand right here in the Garman Building in Old Colorado City.  Every sculpture honors our American heroes– firefighters, soldiers, cowboys, linemen, teachers, police officers, and many, many more.  Through a meticulous process of hand-crafted reproduction, Michael Garman is able to create extraordinary characters at affordable prices.  We currently offer over 100 sculptures under $100.

Michael Garman Sculpting


Magic Town is Michael Garman’s 3,000 square foot sculptural theater.  Wander through alleyways of yesteryear in this gritty Americana dollhouse.  Along with the hundreds of handmade characters that live in the tenements, movie theaters, and cafes of Magic Town, Michael Garman has added holograms who tell stories about Magic Town, and magical rooms and alleyways that transform right before your eyes, making the sculptures appear to move.  This not-to-be-missed unique attraction has been a part of Old Colorado City for 40 years.  Take a virtual tour of Magic Town by clicking on the image below.Michael Garman's Magic Town