Board Members

Board Membership is open to all members in good standing of the OCCA.  Terms of office run for two years, with 1/2 elected each year at the annual meeting in January.  Officers are elected for one year terms.

OCCA 2013/14 Board of Directors

Julie Fabrizio

The Holly Leaf

Jason Smith
Vice President

Republic of Paws

Don Orr
Arati Gallery

Patte Birtz-Sharpton

Sante Fe Springs

Heather Joffe
Thunder and Buttons II

Sarah Curry
E.X Lotus

OCCA 2013 Alternate Board Members

Mazie Baalman
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Carole Jourdan
Nice ‘N Naughty

OCCA 2013 Standing Committees

Jewels Burdick, Chair
Heather Joffe
Dave Brackett
Jake Topaks

Jason Smith, Chair
Jewels Burdick
Don Orr
Patte Birtz-Sharpton

Patte Birtz-Sharpton
Jason Smith

Territory Days
Julie Fabrizio